Witchn Kitchn Food Rules

My Food Rules

  1. Cook: Cook with single ingredient foods as much as possible. Cook for and with others. Cook it all. Cook for the body and the soul.

  2. Have a relationship with your ingredients: Grow food without synthetic fertilizers or commercial pesticides or source from someone who does. If the bugs eat it, then you can, too. Harvest from healthy lands and with permission of the land and land tenders. Use the grocery store as a back up for what you can’t find in your community.

  3. Waste not: Preserve the bounty through fermenting, canning, drying, freezing, smoking, and pickling. Save scraps for stocks, animal feed or compost.

  4. Use 2-3 times as much spice and herb as recipes (besides my own) call for.

  5. If a recipe doesn’t include spices and herbs, improvise.

  6. Pay attention to the way in which food moves through your body. If it’s uncomfortable, take note. If you feel great, take note, too.

  7. Give thanks and support to all that sustains you, especially water.

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