It’s All or Nothing: A Crowd-Funded Book Grant

For the past 5 years the people around me have asked “When are you going to write a cook book?” I kept telling them that when I’m snowed in on a farm for a winter, that’ll be the time. Now is that time! It’s turning out to be a manifesto, a cook book, a description of my way of life. This book yearns to be born and needs your support to do so. This campaign is all or nothing. I want to devote my winter and early spring to bringing it to life. I need your support to make it happen. If I don’t make my goal by Valentine’s Day, this book idea will go back on the shelf until next winter. So, are you with me? Do you want to see it happen now? Then donate to the campaign today!

Donate to the Campaign

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  1. Jason says:

    Wish we had spare moola, we’d love to help! Our workload is light this time of year. If you could get into town, we should do a fundraiser popup dinner at Tabor Bread. We have a spare bedroom if you need to stay for a couple days…

    1. elona says:

      Yes! Let’s do a pop-up at Tabor Bread! Stay tuned, ya’ll!

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